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No Bail For Battery, Child Cruelty Arrestee

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San Andreas, CA – A local man is in jail without bond following a 911 call for help.

Calaveras County Sheriff’s spokesperson Sgt. Greg Stark recounts that on Tuesday afternoon about 4 o’clock, deputies responded to a Mokelumne Hill emergency assistance call. The person reported seeing a female running down a hill while holding a small child and calling out for someone to call 911.

Upon their arrival, deputies located the victim and learned that 34-year-old Robert Zelmer of Mokelumne Hill had caused hitting and choking injuries to the victim. They also noticed discernible facial and neck injuries. EMS responded to provide medical assistance.

According to Stark, Zelmer was contacted and arrested on the scene. He was charged with felony battery including prior offenses, and child cruelty. As he is a convicted felon in violation of probation, he was given no bail.

Stark adds that there were no reported injuries to the child and an emergency protective order to the victim was granted by a judge following the incident.