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Hoffman Comments On Rancheria Staff Reductions

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Jackson, CA — 113 Jackson Rancheria Casino and Hotel employees are in the process of receiving their pink slips.

The current terminations started Monday and will end today.

From CEO Rich Hoffman, “We’re the last major casino in our market to have to go to these extremes but no one has been able to dodge the economic bullet.

These decisions are based solely on the economy. From 2008 to 2009 we’re off about 10 percent. These cuts represent about six percent of our workforce so it doesn’t get us all the way back to push but we’re confident the economy is going to come back and hopefully we’ll be able to bring some of these folks back when things get a little bit better.”

Prior to the layoffs the Rancheria employed 1,780 people. Those laid off will be receiving severance packages. The Rancheria is the largest employer in Amador County. 

The current unemployment rate in Amador County is 12.4 percent as compared to the state’s 12.2 percent.

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