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Lowe’s Public Hearing Date To Be Confirmed At City Council Meeting

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Sonora, CA — This evening at the Sonora City Council meeting an October 19 public hearing date will be confirmed pertaining to the Lowe’s Home Improvement Center project.

According to City Administrator Greg Applegate the meeting will pave the way for a trade of properties between the city and the Sanguinetti Land Company for a right of away in the area of Old Wards Ferry Rd.

The city will surrender to Sanguinetti Land Company six-tenths of an acre while in return receiving 1.2 acres. This space will be rezoned and dedicated to open space with trees in order to beautify the area adjacent to the movie theater and Applebee’s Restaurant.

As far as the overall project is concerned Applegate says permits must still be completed with the Army Corp of Engineers, the Public Utilities Commission (for the realignment of Old Wards Ferry Rd. in relationship to the railroad tracks) and the Fish and Game Department.

Applegate adds that now that the litigation is history between the Tuolumne County Citizens For Responsible Growth and a settlement has been reached he is "cautiously optimistic" that all the formalities will be completed without further interruption.

Regarding a groundbreaking date, Applegate says that is up to Lowe’s and the developer, California Gold Development Corporation.

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