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Ballot Initiative Would Limit Time That Legislature Is In Session

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Sacramento, CA — California voters may be asked whether they would prefer the state to transition to a part-time legislature.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen announces that she has received paperwork for a ballot measure that would limit the amount of time that the legislature is in session to no more than 95 days each year. It would direct the Assembly and Senate to convene in early January for up to thirty days and again in early May for a maximum of sixty days. Lawmakers would have five additional days to reconsider bills vetoed by the Governor.

A statement from Bowen indicates that the proposal has been approved and filed by the Attorney General, and the proponents now have 150 days to collect the needed 694,354 signatures of registered voters. 

Proponents claim it would save the state tens of millions of dollars because of salary reductions and daily operation costs. Voters would be asked to amend the California Constitution.

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