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BOB’s Success Continues To Grow In Tuolumne County

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Sonora, Ca — Now that it services every school in the county BOB’s success continues to grow.

County Health Officer Dr. Todd Stolp says the mission of BOB (Be On Board) is two pronged.

"Initially BOB provides access to services for young folks, students and children, who may not have access to health services either because of transportation or because of insurance obstacles."

Secondly "BOB addresses the serious problem of medical illiteracy. People, while comfortable with general health issues, really don’t understand details of health care and if they did, if those things were taught in our schools and daily activities or extracurricular activities, our health care system could be at least twice as efficient."

Thursday a BOB advisory committee consisting of public health, behavioral health, the county’s Office of Education, teachers, superintendents and parents will meet to formulate long term plans for BOB’s use.

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