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Blacks And Hispanics Riot At Sierra Conservation Center

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Jamestown, CA — Acording to Lt. Jimmy Hurtado the Sierra Conservation Center experienced a Friday evening riot involving approximately 60 inmates.

While no official investigation has been completed, it is believed the riot may have been race oriented as only Blacks and Hispanics were involved in the Level Two disturbance at approximately 8:30.

There were some minor injuries suffered by the inmates. There were no injuries to prison personnel. Outside support was not needed to quell the riot.

Those who have been positively identified as part of the riot have been locked down in Administrative Segregation (Ad-Seg.). They will be disciplined for their role. Those who have not been identified have been placed on a modified program which means they will only be permitted to leave their dorms for meals.

Hurtado says the investigation will continue Tuesday as Monday is being recognized as a legal holiday for prison administrative personnel.

Written by Bill Johnson