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Necessary Decision For Sheriff’s Office

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San Andreas, CA– The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office has been hearing concern from the community this week about the newly implemented online reporting system.

According to Captain Jim Macedo of the Sheriff’s Office, the three major reasons for choosing a web based reporting system were community requests, public convenience and drastic budget cuts within the Sheriff’s Office.

Macedo says that in the past the Sheriff’s Office has dispatched a deputy to respond to the reporting party’s home that can often be a 30 or 45 minute drive. The Sheriff’s Office is very interested in reducing its fuel consumption as a cost saving measure.

Many people also prefer to make a report for information or for insurance purposes only and want to complete a report on the internet immediately without having to wait the 10 days to process the request and to get a report.

Macedo says that people without internet access will still have the option of filing counter reports.

“We are truly struggling to keep budget cuts from causing tragedy in our ability to respond to and manage emergencies,” said Macedo. “It has become clear to all of our staff that by accommodating the public’s requests and making these changes that we will all be in a better position to solve crimes and respond to emergencies in a more efficient manner.”

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