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CHP Warns About Unattended Cars

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Sonora, CA — As the cooler weather approaches, many will be tempted to leave the car running unattended to allow it to warm up in the morning.

“Most of our auto thefts around here are crimes of opportunity, so don’t make yourself a victim,” says Mike Remmel, Sonora Area CHP Officer. “Criminals typically aren’t overly sophisticated, so if you do a few simple things like locking the doors and not leave it running, you won’t set yourself up to be a victim.”

San Andreas based CHP Officer Rebecca Myers echoes the advice. “There are many good people up here, but there are also the bad elements,” says Officer Myers. “They’ll take your car if they can.”

Officers Myers and Remmell say most car thefts in the Mother Lode are vehicles left unlocked and unattended.

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