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Local Residents Support Welfare Drug Testing

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This weeks informal poll about drug testing for welfare recipients was similar to a recent “On The Street” segment conducted by reporter Tina Falco. “On The Street” is a weekly vinette that airs on 1450 KVML, Star 92.7 and 93.5 KKBN.

The poll question was: Would mandatory drug testing for all Welfare recipients save CA money? 83% said Yes and 15% said No.

A related poll question was posted on at the beginning of September: Drug Testing Mandatory In Florida To Receive Welfare Benefits- Constitutional or Not? The responses were as follows:

Good, not constitutional 75%
Bad, not constitutional 14%
Good idea 7%
Bad idea 3%

You can listen to Tina Falco’s the “On the Street” Question and responses in our multimedia audio section.

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