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Berryhill Concerned About Gun Laws

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Sonora, CA — With the Democratic two-thirds majority, Senator Tom Berryhill says he’s concerned about what it will mean for gun laws in California.

Berryhill, a Republican, represents District 14 which covers Tuolumne County. “I think our gun rights are going to be gutted over the next two years, but I hope I’m wrong,” he says.

Berryhill made the comments on Mother Lode Views over the weekend, which aired on 1450 KVML, Star 92.7 and 93.5 KKBN. He believes that Democrats will call for stricter requirements when it comes to owning firearms. Berryhill says he hopes Governor Jerry Brown will veto any legislation that’s, “too far reaching.” That said, he points out that Democrats in the Assembly and Senate could override a veto with a two-thirds vote.

You can listen to the entire 30-minute show in the multimedia section of Click here.

Other Highlights:

-Berryhill praised the work of outgoing Mother Lode Assembly member Kristin Olsen, and said the region will be very pleased with her replacement, Frank Bigelow.

-While money received from voter approved Proposition 30 will go to education this year, Berryhill is concerned that the money will quietly be pushed into other programs in years down the road.

-He expects a push by Democratic lawmakers to increase the vehicle licensing fees in the state.

-Berryhill expects the implementation of AB 32, the state’s global warming legislation, to be a major discussion topic over the next two years. He says farmers and wineries will struggle to implement the changes related to commercial vehicles.

-Berryhill says he and other Republicans will try to work with “moderate” Democrats this session on reforms to the California Environmental Quality Act.