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A Spike In Bear And Mountain Lion Sightings

Calaveras County, CA – Calaveras County Sheriff’s Officials are warning residents to watch out for bears and mountain lions in the area. Sheriff’s officials report they have had five calls this month alone from residents in Valley Springs, San Andreas, Copperopolis and Vallecito reporting sightings.

Sgt Chris Hewitt says, “People are calling either reporting them crossing roadways or actually on private properties. So far nobody has been injured by the bears and we have also had one mountain lion call here in San Andreas and it was reported on October 14 in a residential area just outside a fence in a pasture.”

Hewitt says recently they were advised by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife that the area is expected to see a greater number of bears and cougars looking for food.

Hewitt advises residents to be aware of their surroundings when walking with young children and pets, especially at night as they can be prey to bears or cougars. He says if you do have a sighting, walk away from the animal slowly, do not antagonize it and then call police.

Click here for a map of the sighting areas.