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Fight Breaks Out Over Dog

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San Andreas, CA — A Calaveras County man faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

The Sheriff’s Department recently received a call that a fight was taking place at the intersection of Hope Court and Pope Street in San Andreas. 46-year-old Steven Maldonado was reportedly driving his truck and was stopped by a pedestrian in the road, identified as 30-year-old Charles Gartside Williams V.

Williams allegedly went up and punched Maldonado several times. The fight was over a dog that was recently hit by a vehicle, and Maldonado was accused of being the responsible person. After the fight stopped, Maldonado went to Mark Twain St. Joseph’s Hospital to treat injuries to his nose and jaw.

Witnesses told the Sheriff’s Office that Williams used something that looked like a “black pipe” to strike Maldonado. They also stated that Maldonado took out a baseball bat, after his was hit by Williams, and swung it at the attacker. It was noted that he did not actually strike Williams.

Williams was later arrested and booked into Calaveras County Jail. No charges were filed against Maldonado. The Sheriff’s Office has no further information about the claim regarding the dog.