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Election Night Recap

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During yesterday’s election some candidates won outright and others are moving on to the next round.

In the District One Tuolumne County Supervisors race, Sherri Brennan was the top vote-getter with 35%, and she now faces a runoff during the General Election in November. She talked last night about what she feels will be the keys to success over the coming months.

“Everyone has good intentions, but I think voters are looking for some solid answers and solid solutions to issues facing the county,” says Brennan.

Brennan is expected to face incumbent Liz Bass, who narrowly defeated Jim Hildreth for second place. Bass finished with 13 more votes than Hildreth, but there are still vote by mail and provisional ballots to tabulate. Roughly how many remain should be known later today.

“It was certainly a roller coaster night, going back and forth,” says Bass. “It really reminded me of the race that I was in four years ago when I also came in second.”

Bass had fewer votes than Randy Selesia in the primary election of 2008, but then came back to defeat Selesia in the General Election.

In the District Five Supervisors race, Karl Rodefer was the top vote getter, receiving exactly 50 percent. Rodefer needs 50 percent plus one in order to avoid a runoff election, so we will have a clearer picture in the coming days when the provisional ballots are counted.

Rodefer says he is pleased with how everything turned out. “I have to congratulate all of my opponents because I think we all ran a very constructive and positive campaign,” he says.

Rodefer talked with many constituents over the past several months, and notes what he feels were the key issues during this election cycle.

“The role that the local government plays in job opportunities, and the opportunity to create and inform businesses in the county is important,” says Rodefer. “I think that’s what I primarily heard.”

Domenic Torchia could potentially face Rodefer in a runoff, if Rodefer’s total falls below 50 percent. Torchia says he’s hopeful that he’ll have a chance to go head-to-head and debate the issues.

“The Law and Justice Center will probably never be built because we don’t have the money for it, the unemployment rate is 13.5 percent and 39 percent of people are under water on their houses,” says Torchia. “All of these issues should be debated, so that people can say who is in the best position to change these things.”

John Gray was the winner of the District Four race, and Eleanor Provost and Donald Segerstrom reclaimed their judicial seats. The three members projected to win the Sonora City Council seats are Connie Williams, Ron Stearn and Bill Canning. Both ballot measures, C and D went down in defeat.

In Calaveras County, Gary Tofanelli and Cliff Edson will face a runoff in the District One Supervisors race, Chris Wright and Bryce Randall in District Two, and Debbie Ponte and Tom Tryon in District Four.

In the Assembly District Five Race, Republicans Rico Oller and Frank Bigelow will go head-to-head in November. For a complete rundown of results, check out the Election Section on

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