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What is “Love Tuolumne County”?

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“Love Tuolumne County” is coming next month. But what is it?

Mike Ayala of Love Tuolumne County was KVML’s Friday “Newsmaker of the Day”.

Ayala is leading the effort with Sierra Bible Church and other people and organizations in the community who are helping him.

Inspired by Love Modesto, Ayala wanted to bring the event to the Mother Lode.

Love Modesto started a little over three years ago with eight projects. This year is their fourth and they have grown to include over 40 cities (in the central Valley) with hundreds of projects. To get an idea of the overall program, click

Ayala is asking for projects to be submitted no later than March 15, 2012. The projects you submit will become part of Love Tuolumne County for Saturday morning, April 28th.

He is looking for new ideas for projects and/or organizations to help improve or better Tuolumne  county with all its schools, churches, towns, communities, and the city of Sonora.

After the projects are submitted, all Tuolumne County businesses, organizations, service clubs, schools, churches, etc., are invited to sign up on the Love Tuolumne County website. They’ll be looking for volunteers to form a team, take on a project, wear their company/organization shirts to the project, with many projects being family friendly.

Ayala is asking for the following information before March 15th:

• Project Leader First and Last Name, Phone Number & Email Address
• Name of Project
• Short, compelling one sentence description.
• End at 12:30 pm at the latest? All project times will begin at our 9 am Gathering – this will be at the Motherlode Fairgrounds the morning of April 28th.
• Is this a Kid-friendly project?
• Max number of people needed? Pad this number by 15-20% because not everyone who signs up, shows up.

Here are the expectations of the project leader:

• Organize all the details of the project so it will be a success for all.
• Champion your project (Facebook, Twitter, email, posters, etc.) and try to get people signed up. Encourage people to sign up at your organization’s website.
Call or email all of those who sign up for your project to thank them and give out details needed (this needs to be done when they sign up, as well as a few days before the event).

• Please note that all project teams will first gather at the Motherlode Fairgrounds at 9 am the morning of April 28th, before heading to the project locations. This will be for a short 30 minute team and community rally!
All Project Leaders need to be at the Motherlode Fairgrounds by 8:15 or 8:30 am, getting last minute info, holding the project name sign or standing by your sign where your people will meet you, etc.
• Right after the 9am Gathering, the project leaders will have a short orientation with their group to not only share about what they’ll be doing, but also cast the vision for their organization and ask if it would be okay to stay in touch with them (since they will have their email addresses). !

Ayala can be reached at (209) 591-8247or e-mailed at

The website (after march 15th) is

The “Newsmaker of the Day” is heard each weekday morning on AM 1450 KVML at 6:47, 7:47 and 8:47am.