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New Jamestown Project Approved

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Jamestown, CA – Permits for a nearly one million dollar retail space and apartment complex were approved for the Jamestown area. The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously for the project to proceed.

The retail space will be located on 18169 Main Street. The two current buildings that used to house a tire shop and the old Coffee Restaurant will be demolished. The Board approved a zone change from commercial to mixed use.

Parking issues with the easement on the neighboring owners driveway were reported as taken care of. No public comments were made against the project or zone change.

The property owner Jason McGinley says “The five retail spaces are well suited to small tourist shops or office space and the five studio apartments will be very high end.” 

One of the buildings will be divided into four units with different facades on each one. It will house four of the apartments. The other building will have one retail space and one apartment on the second floor. The project will have about 3,600 foot of retail space.

The Historic Preservation Review Commission reported to the Jamestown Area Planning Commission who gave their support for the project as well.


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