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Fracking Moratorium Dropped

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Sacramento, CA — A push to put a moratorium on the controversial oil drilling known as fracking loses steam in the California Assembly. The measure failed by a 35-24 vote yesterday. This comes as the first bill-passing deadline passes in California’s Legislature. AB 1323, would have halted fracking and mandated a review of the risks it poses to the environment and public health.

Center for Biological Diversity Brian Nowicki says they applaud legislators that are “fighting for a moratorium on fracking in the face of oil industry pressure to put profits ahead of public health. Lawmakers haven’t passed a fracking moratorium yet, but public opinion is on our side, and a growing number of courageous legislators are determined to fight fracking pollution.”

Opponents of fracking argue shutting down a whole industry based on a possible unproven pollution scare would be irresponsible.

Fracking uses millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals and forces them deep underground to break up rock formations. Currently, California’s Conservation Department is drafting rules for fracking that include the drilling process, storing and handling of fracking fluids, and notifying the public of drilling.