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McDonald’s Making Moves

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Sonora, CA – A proposal by McDonald’s tops an upcoming City of Sonora Planning Commission public hearing. McDonald’s is moving ahead with putting another restaurant in Sonora at the intersection of Mono Way and Sanguinetti Road. Currently, there are McDonald’s restaurants in the Junction Shopping Center and off Standard Road and Mono Way. Sonora’s Planning Commission has already approved the building plans, but now McDonald’s is asking for some changes.

Community Development Director Rachelle Kellogg says, “They have added a retaining wall near the railroad tracks and it is at least 15 foot high. They’re going to have to go back through design review to get approval to add that wall and modify the parking area.”

Kellogg says there is no word on when construction will begin on that project.
Also, the Commission will take up the issue of allowing a sign exception for the Old Town Sonora building. Instead one sign for the building and just those stores facing Stewart Street, there would be wall space for all stores.

Kellogg says, “Probably a rectangular signs that they could have on the upper or lower story of the building so that people could identify and find those businesses within that building. Each business would have its own sign.”

The Commission will also look into re-zoning five properties on the block of Barretta and Shepard Streets south of Lyons Street from Limited Multi-family Residential to Multi-family Residential.

Kellogg says the Planning Commission will have the final say on whether to approve the McDonald’s and Old Town Sonora signage. It will give a recommendation to Sonora City Council on the re-zoning and the board will have final approval.