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Location, Location, Location

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San Andreas, CA– That’s all the Calaveras County Humane Society needed to get the ball rolling for its four legged friends. The County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved the location on land near the government center and current shelter just across Jeff Tuttle Drive. The plans have been to build a new 17,000-square-foot shelter, but where was the big question.

Board Chairwoman Merita Callaway says, “The Humane Society was not comfortable going out and raising money not even knowing where the shelter would be built. So this location is beautiful. There will be a walking trail, place for large animals and the ability to expand the building as we need it.”

Callaway says now that a location has been picked, the Humane Society can start raising the $3 to $5 million needed to construct the shelter. She says the next step for the county will be to do an environment impact study. Callaway says the board will have to approve a budget for that in June.

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