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Columbia, CA – They filled out the application last year and then they waited, but today, their dreams came true. Two families heard their names called to be the proud owners of a Habitat for Humanity Tuolumne County townhouse in Columbia.

Lori Bauer was awarded one of the homes. Her two kids, Katie (14) and Colten (6), both can’t believe they will have their own rooms.

Bauer says, “It was very surreal. We were hopeful it was going to be us and then when it was us, there are just no words to describe the excitement. It’s just wonderful.”

This was the second application for the Bauer family. The Lindsey-Gear Family was given the other half of the townhouse. The two families will spend 500 sweat hours each helping to build their three bedroom homes.

Bauer says, “I think it will bond us to the house because you’re going to help put the nails in it. You can write on the beams inside. We’re going to put our names and the year.”

The local chapter of Thrivent Builds has sponsored half of the home costs for $75,000. Also, members from the group and the two families helped raise some of the walls on the home today.

Habitat for Humanity of Tuolumne County Executive Director, Betsy Harden told the crowd, “What I really want to stress here is the power of community helping community. It’s what everyone that’s here does. It’s neighbors helping neighbors and there is no better way to do it.”

Habitat hopes to have the families moved into the townhouse sometime in August of 2013. Teary eyed, Bauer expressed just what this home means, “A home of our own means security for my children and me forever. It’s always going to be a place for our family to go. It will be the place where our heart is.”