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Teaming Up To Fight Bullying

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Columbia, CA – Tuolumne and Calaveras County Educators Team Up To Fight Bullying. They hosted the “Stop It!” Anti-bullying Summit at Columbia College. The event was to educate 7-12 grade students, teachers, administrators, parents, school board members, and others about bullying.

Tuolumne County Deputy Superintendent Margie Bulkin says, “One in five students or teens have been bullied and that statistic applies to Tuolumne County.” She adds, “A Pew Poll found 95% of teens who have seen bullying taking place have done nothing to stop it.”

Bulkin says the workshops focused on creating a movement on area campuses to stop bully and to give students, educators and parents tools to do that.

Bulkin says, “We really want to put our efforts into following up at each school. We will be able to provide resources to the schools through a grant we received the California Mental Health Services Authority. That money will help schools follow up. They can use it to develop a plan and a movement that everyone understands the same language, from elementary to High School, that bullying is a common problem we will not tolerate together. Then they can create strategies to combat this type of inappropriate behavior in our schools.”

Bulkin says nearly 125 students attended the summit which was held Friday, March 1st, 2013.

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