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Man Arrested For Bringing Knife To School

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West Point, CA — Calaveras County Sheriff’s Officials say the man was already told once by West Point Elementary School officials that he couldn’t have a 14 inch knife strapped to his leg while on school property. At that time, 27 year old John Cargile of Wilseyvillle got into an argument with school officials; upset over not being able to have a knife on the campus. After yelling at school officials Cargile left.

Two days later, on January 18th, Cargile came back to the school with the same knife on his belt. Once again school officials told him he couldn’t have the knife. Cargile took the knife to his vehicle, but started yelling at the school officials who called the Sheriff’s Department. Cargil left the school, but deputies caught up with him at his home and arrested him.

He told the deputies he forgot he was wearing the knife when he went to the school the second time.
Cargile was charged with Bringing a Weapon onto School Grounds which is a felony. There is no word on why he was at the school.

Also arrested was Cargile’s wife, Brandi Margritz-Cargile. She was arrested on a local misdemeanor warrant not related to the school incident.