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Crackdown On Disabled Parking Placards

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Sonora, CA — A DMV sting operation was carried out in 20 California communities, including both Sonora and Jackson, resulting in 153 citations.

The investigators were looking for individuals who were fraudulently using disabled parking placards.

The penalty for doing so is that the offender must appear in court and face a possible fine ranging from $250 – $1,000. The 20 sting operations were scattered throughout the month of February in various locations. The episode in Sonora was on February 6 when 50 drivers were contacted and two citations were issued. The Jackson operation was on February 14 when 100 drivers were contacted and four citations were issued.

Other sting operations were held in communities like Los Angeles, Clovis, Foster City, San Jose, Oxnard and Chico. In total, 1,582 drivers were contacted and 153 citations were issued.

Anyone who suspects that a person may be misusing a disabled parking placard can fill out an online complaint form found here. Submissions are confidential.

  • Sonora DMV office