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Crooks Miss Their Mark By Targeting An Officer

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Calaveras County, CA — The IRS scam is in full swing due to tax time, but the CHP warns of another swindle hitting the Mother Lode with the caller pretending to be with law enforcement.

Officials from the San Andreas Unit report one of their officers got a phone call this week with a recorded message alleging that serious criminal charges were pending against the officer and he must call the number back to clear the charges. The CHP says this is not the first time the con-artists have used this trick, which typically cycles through the area each year.

The CHP wants to remind the public that this is a scam as law enforcement agencies never call people demanding money for charges. They stress never give out any information, but add that the best advice, do not call back. In this instance, the number was from Kansas with a 913 area code. So if a phone rings with those digits, do not answer it and for extra protection take the extra step to block the number. As, the shysters usually target both the young and old, the CHP asks that people make sure to pass the word about this scam.

In regards to the IRS scam, last week we reported here that Tuolumne County Sheriff’s officials alerted the public as it arrived just in time for tax season.