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Update On Mountain Lion Sighting In Sonora

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Sonora, CA – A second sighting of a cougar in the Sonora area occurred around 1 a.m. this morning when the big cat was caught again on security cameras in the Racetrack Road area.

As we reported here yesterday, the puma activated a ring camera at a home on Arbona Circle North in the Sonora Knolls neighborhood just above the Alpine Trailhead Parking lot on Alpine Lane, which leads to the Dragoon Gulch trail.

This newest footage comes from two cameras on a Racetrack Road property. One shows the big cat strolling by a chicken coop (click the video link under the image box). In this other video, it can be seen stealthily moving through the backyard. 

The still picture in the image box shows the cougar slowly walking up the driveway of the Racetrack Road residence. The homeowner says it then goes along the side of the property and over a sidehill above Sonora High School to Shaws Flat Road. They also wanted to alert their neighbors and the public to keep pets inside and other animals in pens at night.


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