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Tuolumne County Feral Cat Problem Worsens In Spring

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Jamestown, CA – Springtime brings an explosion to the feral cat population in Tuolumne County, according to shelter officials, who note that there are rules for turning in stray cats.

“As a reminder, we can only intake cats and kittens that are scheduled,” stated county animal control officials.

The reason for the rule is that the shelter only has so many cages and must legally hold all animals for a minimum time.

Shelter officials advise that you will be turned away if you trap a cat and do not have an appointment. To avoid that, the public must pre-schedule with the shelter when putting a trap out to be sure a cage is or will be available.

“We understand your frustration; however, the feral cat issue is a county-wide issue, so we must try and accommodate everyone,” shelter officials said.

TCAC tips to avoid taking kittens from mother
TCAC tips to avoid taking kittens from mother

The chart in the image box estimates the age of kittens, and the information here gives tips on knowing if the momma cat is still caring for her kittens. Animal control officials recommend that, when finding kittens, you follow these steps.

  • If they are too young, the chances of survival without a mom are very low.
  • Kittens need to stay with their moms until they are 8 weeks of age.