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McClintock Argues For Warrant Requirement In FISA Renewal

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Washington, DC — The US House voted to reauthorize a spy program, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, also known as FISA.

It allows the government to collect electronic communications of non-Americans, but sometimes also collects data from Americans in contact with those individuals. Critics like Mother Lode Congressman Tom McClintock have called for requiring a warrant to obtain those records of Americans.

He stated on the US House Floor, “It has been pointed out the FBI abused these powers 271,000 times in a single year, and turned them against American citizens. They were fishing for January 6 and Black Lives Matter rioters, probing political donors, and even piercing congressional offices.”

He continued, “John Adams believed that the indiscriminate searches by the British officials became the first spark of the American Revolution. Having lived under such a tyranny, the founders protected us with the Fourth Amendment. Before authorities can search through our records, they have to get a warrant from an independent judge showing probable cause that they suspect we have committed a crime.”

The FISA renewal was approved in the House, 273-147. 147 Democrats were in favor and 126 Republicans. It now moves to the Senate for consideration.