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Senator Alvarado-Gil Details Legislative Priorities

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Sonora, CA — Mother Lode Senator Marie Alvarado Gil is introducing six bills this legislative session focused on issues ranging from county fair funding to protecting sexual assault victims.

Alvarado-Gil, a Democrat, argues that they address several critical issues across her District 4.

A synopsis, provided by the Senator, is below:

SB 268: Protecting Victims of Sexual Assault

SB 268, a two-year bill introduced by the Senator in 2023, aims to classify the rape of an intoxicated person as a violent felony if the defendant caused the intoxication of the victim with the intention of assaulting them. Current law classifies the rape of an intoxicated person as a “non-violent” felony, and Prop 57 allows for the early release of the perpetrators convicted of this heinous crime.

SB 796: Ensuring Safety in Educational and Religious Spaces

Senator Alvarado-Gil also introduced another two-year bill, SB 796, to address threats of violence in schools and places of worship. This bill makes it unlawful to make a general threat to commit a crime resulting in death or great bodily injury at a school or place of worship, even if a specific victim is not named. This legislation closes a critical gap in the current law by allowing authorities to investigate and prosecute threats made against these vulnerable spaces.

SB 1088: Water Infrastructure Improvements to Enhance Fire Resilience in Rural Communities

SB 1088 establishes a Rural and Small Community Fire Resilience Program within the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. This program will work with the relevant agencies to distribute state matching funds to improve water system infrastructure in communities within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), enhancing their resilience to wildfires.

SB 1261: Securing Funding for California Fairs

SB 1261 will ensure adequate funding for California’s network of fairs by adjusting the allocation of the Department of Food and Agriculture’s budget to the Fairs and Exposition Fund. Fairgrounds don’t just serve as entertainment venues and a gathering point for community events – they play a vital role during natural disasters and emergencies by providing the State Office of Emergency Services and other state and federal partners a centralized location to operate, ensuring the safety of our citizens and first responders during critical incidents. This bill is crucial for sustaining these cultural and economic assets, which play a vital role in communities across California.

SB 945: Enhancing Wildfire Mitigation and Public Health

SB 945 addresses the urgent need for data on the health impacts of wildfires in California. The bill requires state agencies to develop a comprehensive database measuring the specific health impacts of wildfires and the effectiveness of fuels mitigation investments. By providing policymakers and public health officials with vital information, SB 945 supports efforts to mitigate the detrimental effects of wildfires on the environment and public health.

SB 1479: Protecting Agritourism Participants

SB 1479 will promote agritourism while ensuring participant safety. The bill defines agritourism activities and provides exemptions from civil liability for agritourism professionals, provided they meet certain conditions. By offering clear guidelines and protections, SB 1479 supports the growth of agritourism in California while safeguarding consumers and businesses.