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Sonora Pass Opens To Kennedy Meadows

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Sonora, CA — Caltrans crews have reached a significant milestone in opening up Highway 108 Sonora Pass to Kennedy Meadows.

The opening to the popular resort, pack station, and recreation spot occurred at 9am today.

Travels are urged to use caution and common sense when heading up, and be careful if recreating around rivers.

Caltrans reports that crews have now successfully cleared 20 miles of snowpack since April 3 that was left behind by the heavy winter storm systems. The snowpack recorded has been about 300% of the average amount for the season.

Caltrans spokesperson Rick Brewer reports, “During the past five weeks, they (plow crews) have encountered avalanches, mudslides, downed trees and tree debris, and even boulders that needed to be exploded and hauled away.”

Crews still have eight more miles to go before reaching the summit of Sonora Pass, at 9,634 feet, which forms the border of Tuolumne and Mono counties. It is anticipated to take another month to reach the summit, so the full pass will likely remain closed until the middle of June. A separate team is removing snow from the Mono County side.