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Forest Storm Damage Road Closures: Reopening Some Seasonal Closures

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Sonora, CA – Stanislaus National Forest officials are implementing new storm damage road closures while also taking some roadways off the seasonal closure lists.

The order applies to the Summit, Mi-Wok and Calaveras Rangers Districts. When crews are able to access these roadways as conditions improve, they will assess the situation. Then a determination will be made to either open those roads and take them off the seasonal list or keep them closed by adding them to the storm damage closure order, with no estimated reopening being given. Additionally, forest officials note that no roads will be added to the seasonal use closure extension order.

Forest officials add that it is also their intention to give road status updates on all road closures weekly unless none occur. However, they advise the public to contact their local Ranger District office for the most current road condition information.

Last month, we reported here that lingering mountain snow forced an extension of the seasonal road closure order on April 15th. Since then, a total of eight roadways have been removed from the list and were reopened, as listed below (no roadways were taken off the Summit District list):

Mi-Wok Ranger District

  1. 4N01 (Fraser Flat)
  2. 4N02
  3. 4N16
  4. 4N17
  5. 4N18

Calaveras Ranger District

  1. 4N73Y (Candy Rock Quarry)
  2. 5N85Y
  3. 5N56 (Lower Interface)

For all the roads currently under closure orders, click here.