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UC Looks To Cap Out-Of-State Enrollment

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Sacramento, CA — In an effort to prioritize in-state resident applications, the University of California Board of Regents will soon vote on whether to cap out-of-state enrollment at 20%.

Out-of-state residents pay more for tuition so it helps the bottom line. However, the Associated Press reports that a state audit recently criticized the UC system for increasing non-resident enrollment over the past decade by 432%, while in-state enrollment only increased by 10%. Currently, around 16% of students in the UC system are non-residents. Schools like UC Berkeley and UCLA have much higher non-resident enrollment, between 23-24%, while schools like UC Merced are as low as 1%.

The proposal to cap non-resident enrollment, system wide, was introduced at yesterday’s California Board of Regents meeting. It will be voted on at a meeting next month.

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