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Angels Camp PD Confiscates Illegally Possessed Firearms Tied To Marijuana Grows

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Angels Camp, CA — Angels Camp Police report two men, with admitted ties to commercial marijuana operations, were charged with illegal possession of firearms.

Interestingly, both incidents resulted due to the vehicles’ missing front license plates.

When stopped, Anthony R. Jones, 32, with a Modesto address, provided police with an expired concealed weapons permit, issued in Stanislaus County, also stating he has a pistol in the vehicle.

He was cited and released for carrying a loaded firearm in public as well as for the license plate infraction. Officers add that the man’s registered Ruger 9 MM semi-automatic handgun was seized as evidence due to the fact that he was not legally allowed to carry a loaded weapon. Jones told police that he carried it for personal protection, indicating involvement in local marijuana cultivation within Calaveras County.

During the second stop the officer reported smelling a marijuana odor coming from the vehicle, which triggered a search where a Sig Sauer 9 MM pistol and a loaded magazine were located. Victor M. Tamayo, 29, with a Salida address, was cited and released for carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle; his registered handgun was seized as evidence. Tamayo also admitted to the officer that he is staying in the area while he tends to his commercial marijuana grow in the county.