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Newsom Praises Federal Inflation Reduction Act Signing

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Sacramento, CA — President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law today, bringing applause from Governor Gavin Newsom.

Newsom praised the president for ushering in a new era of unprecedented federal climate action as California faces extreme heat, fights wildfires and is in the third year of a drought, which puts the state on the front lines of the climate crisis every day.

“The significant funding that will flow to states like ours is essential to protecting people from the worst impacts of climate change and accelerating our transition to a clean energy future,” touted Newsom, adding, “Not only that, millions of Californians will save money on their health care, prescription drugs and their power bills—money back in pockets for families that need it most.” At its core, that’s what the Inflation Reduction Act is about: helping hardworking American families.”

Republicans argue that the bill does nothing to bring down inflation. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R.-Bakersfield) called the bill “tone deaf,” stating, “Democrats, more than any other majority in history, are addicted to spending other people’s money, regardless of what we as a country can afford.”