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New Cars Will Need Temporary License Plates

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Sacramento, CA — Beginning in 2019, newly purchased cars in California will need to have a temporary license plate.

Assembly Bill 516 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown yesterday. California currently only requires a small notice to be displayed in the window of a newly purchased car while owners wait for the plates to arrive in the mail. However, the notices cannot be read or photographed from a distance, and that makes it difficult for law enforcement to spot toll road violations.

The lead author, Bay Area Democratic Assemblyman Kevin Mullin says, “I appreciate the effort of all the stakeholders, who met with me and my staff to craft a bill that gives law enforcement agencies information to help solve crimes that has been unavailable to them in the past. AB 516 will also provide approximately $19 million dollars in additional revenue to regional transportation and tolling agencies that have been uncollected as a result of toll evasion on our bridges, toll roads and express lanes.”

The Associated Press reports Governor Brown’s decision comes over the objection of social justice activists who say it will lead to more fines and create economic hardships for low-income residents.