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Californians’ Opinions Vary On Direction Of State And Nation

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A majority of California voters feel the state is headed in the right direction, but there is a more dismal view about the direction of the country.

A new Field Poll finds that 52% of California voters feel the state is on the right path. 2016 marks the first time since the year 2000 that California voters feel things are headed in the right direction. It dipped to as low as 13% in 2010. The region that is most upbeat about the state, 64%, is the San Francisco Bay Area. However, only 41% of residents living in the inland counties have a positive opinion.

Californians are much more negative about direction of the federal government, as 34% feel things are on the right track. 35% of those living in coastal counties have a positive view and only 30% of those living in the more inland areas. The percentage peaked in December of 2001 (post 9/11) at 68% and dipped to as low as 16% in 2008.

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