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Update: Mariposa Fire 10% Contained

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Update 4:33pm: CHP reports that an SUV was driving on a flat tire and sparks from the rims spread to the vegetation.

Update 3:30pm: The Triangle Fire is holding at 40 acres and 10% contained and fire officials report they are making excellent progress. The evacuation orders have been canceled but the public is asked to avoid the area due to road closures and fire vehicles in the area. Crews are expected to be on site for mop-up and managing hot spots through the night.

Update 2 .p.m.:  Now named the Triangle Fire, in the town of Bootjack south of Yosemite, numerous homes are threatened and evacuations have been ordered in the areas of Carter Road, Deer Creek, Memory Lane and Sealy Off-Ramp Road. The fire’s acreage has grown to 35 to 40, according Mariposa Unit of Cal Fire spokesperson Karen Kanawyer, who says, “Crews have been making excellent progress. Significant spotting potential still exists, but forward progress has been stopped.” Kanawyer adds she does not have a total number of homes as they are spread out, but says it is more than a hand full and less than a hundred homes involved.

Update 1:30 p.m.:  Mariposa Unit of Cal Fire reports the fire has grown from seven acres to 30 in size and remains at a moderate rate of spread. Numerous structures are threatened, but none have been damaged, according to fire officials.  There are nine engines, several dozers, four additional crews along with a CDC crew fighting the fire.

Update 1 p.m.:  Mariposa Unit of Cal Fire reports the fire has grown from five to about seven acres in size and remains at a moderate rate of spread.  Additional resources including a dozer and four crews have been called to the scene.

Original Post 12:42 p.m.: Bootjack, CA — Columbia Air-Attack is heading to a vegetation fire northeast of Mariposa.

The flames broke out on Triangle Road near Darrah Road south of Yosemite National Park in the town of Bootjack. Mariposa Unit of Cal Fire reports the fire is five acres in size with a moderate rate of spread. One structure is threatened, according to officials, who say, one engine and a California of Corrections (CDC) crew is battling the blazed, but reinforcements have been called to the scene including nine engines and aircraft.