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New Melones Staffing Shortage Could Impact Campgrounds

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Sonora, CA – There is uncertainty about when and if campgrounds will fully open this spring at New Melones Lake.

BOR New Melones campgrounds in the area of Tuttletown of Tuolumne County map
BOR map

Come spring there could be limited sites available in the seven campgrounds run by the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR). The maps show the five campgrounds in the Tuttletown area of Tuolumne County and two in the Glory Hole area of Calaveras County. New Melones offers year-round camping with more than 355 sites available for tents and RVs during the typical spring and peak summer camping season.

Following up on a tip, Clarke Broadcasting inquired about staffing shortages and if that could impact those campgrounds, in an email response, BOR spokesperson Mary Lee Knecht acknowledge the shortage of staff but noted the agency is working on the issue. She explained, “Reclamation’s Central California Area Office is finalizing a contingency plan as they adjust to ongoing staffing shortages; as more staff are hired, more recreational opportunities, specifically campground openings, will occur.”

New Melones Lake camping in the Glory Hole area of Calaveras County
BOR map

We asked for further details on that “contingency plan” via email, but have not yet received a response. However, Knecht advised an update on the staffing situation could come in early April. For information on camping at the lake, click here.