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CCWD Adds Tap Restrictions

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San Andreas, CA — The Calaveras County Water District (CCWD) board approved stronger tap restrictions on customers, but stopped short of ordering no outside watering.

At its Wednesday meeting, the board voted to implement what it is calling Stage 3.5 Water Conservation Mandatory Measures.  CCWD spokesperson Joel Metzger says, “The main change that is going to impact the residential customers will be that we are going to reduce the days the ornamental landscaping can be done from three days per week down to two days per week.” He adds the times customers can water have also been limited.

The vote was three in favor and one against with one board member absent.  Director Terry Strange cast the opposing vote, giving as his reason that more restriction should have been implemented to meet the state’s 32% conservation stand imposed on the water district.

Here is CCWD’s updated list of customer water use restrictions and ordinance.  CCWD Stage 3.5 Flyer  CCWD Stage 3.5 Mandatory Watering Restrictions

In addition, the board voted to declare a ‘State of Emergency’ for the Lake Tulloch Project. Metzger says the board is hoping to get state emergency funding to help cover the nearly $1.7 million cost of extending intake pipes further into the lake should the water be drawn below the current ones. The District will take a ‘huge financial hit’ and have to cut or postpone other projects if it is forced to foot the entire bill, according to Metzger, who says a decision from the state on an emergency grant could come as early the end of this week or next week.

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