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T.U.D. Will Keep Schedule

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Sonora, CA — Despite the results of a new survey, the T.U.D. Board of Directors will keep the current meeting schedule.

We reported earlier this week that over 400 took part in a recent survey that was on the T.U.D. website between January 28 and February 13. 67% expressed interest in attending an upcoming meeting, and 33% had no interest.

When it comes to a preferred time for meetings, 41% liked 7pm, 33% preferred 5:30pm, and 30% voted for 2pm. Regardless of the results, the Board voted 4-0 to keep the current meeting schedule of 2pm for the first meeting of the month, and 5:30pm for the second. The Board has stated that it would always try to schedule the more controversial items on the evening agenda. In addition, the Board expressed being open to having special 7pm meetings for items of very notable interest, such as a potential rate change. Three members of the public came up the podium at this week’s meeting to express disappointment about the decision.

The Board indicated the reasons for keeping the current meeting schedule is that only 3% of the district’s over 14,000 customers took part in the survey, and because staff members are traditionally paid overtime if they are required to speak or give reports at evening meetings.

  • T.U.D. Board (Ron Kopf, Ron Ringen, John Maciel, Kent Johnson and Jim Grinnell)