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Columbia College Still Impacted By Propane Tank Fire

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Columbia, CA — Columbia College’s campus will remain mostly closed today.

It is due to a fire that happened near a main propane tank on Saturday. College officials report the tank was inspected on Monday and found to be safe. However, the connections to heaters in campus buildings must be replaced.  As a result, there is no heat in campus buildings.

Optimistically, parts may be delivered today and heat may be restored sometime on Wednesday. Students should look for an email from their instructor regarding the impact this will have on their classes and course activities.

We reported earlier that the fire was discovered late Saturday afternoon and that Firefighters had discovered a 1,200-gallon propane vapor tank on fire threatening the 18,000-gallon tank, and a vegetation fire less than 1/2 acre moving at a slow rate of spread. Crews quickly deployed remote monitors to help keep the large tank cool and staff were able to shut the valve between the tanks to cut off supply.