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Calaveras 2014 Home Sales Prices Up Over 14 Percent

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San Andreas, CA – This just out; a mostly encouraging Calaveras County Association of Realtors sales report for 2014, indicating a more than 14 percent increase in its median residential sell price and a nearly 19 percent increase in new listings since 2013.

The median sell price of $235,250 for a Calaveras County home was up just over 14 percent from the previous year’s price of $206,000. As previously reported on, last week the Tuolumne County Association of Realtors, in its MLS residential sales summary for 2014, indicated that Tuolumne County sales prices were up 13 percent over the previous year with a median sell price of $219,950, versus the 2013 median of $195,000.

According to Calaveras County Association of Realtors’ data, in 2014, new listings totaled 1,616. While resulting sales of listed homes was down more than 12 percent from 2013 with 888 sales, versus 1,013, the average days spent on the market, down by five days, showed a nearly five percent decrease from the previous year’s 104-day average. The 2014 list to sell ratio, at slightly better than 96 percent, showed marginal change.

Residential Income, Lots & Acreage Sales Also Up

In other encouraging real estate figures reported by the Calaveras realtors’ organization, residential income property sales in Calaveras County in 2014 were up by over 83 percent, with 11 sales, versus six the previous year. New listings increased by over 46 percent, to 22 properties. The median sell price, at $308,000, improved by over 38 percent from the 2013 price of $222,500, with marginal change to the 79 average days on market. The 2014 list to sell ratio, at 86 percent was down over eight percent, however.

Also improving, the median sell price for lots and acreage in 2014, at $40,700, was up over eight percent over the previous year’s $37,500 figure. New listings, at 586, represent about a 21 percent rise; sold listings, at 205, came up about 23 percent. The 2014 list to sell ratio, at about 88 percent, showed slight improvement, with 202 average number of days on the market, down by more than four percent than the 2013 average of 211 days.

Calaveras commercial properties figures reported show a 20 percent increase in sold listings and nearly 13 percent more new listings in 2014, over the previous year. However actual sales are less rosy. A total of 12 commercial properties sold in 2014 for a median sell price of $202,000, down 14 percent from 2013’s $235,000 sell price. The list to sell ratio was also down almost three percent, just over 86 percent in 2014, compared to the previous year, and the average number of days on the market jumped over 14 percent to 270 days, versus 236 days in 2013.

Written for by News Reporter Tori James