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Sonora Man Threatens Police With A Bottle

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Sonora, CA – Threatening and then throwing a glass bottle at police resulted in the arrest of a Sonora man.

After repeatedly requesting for the suspect to leave a property in the 600 block of South Washington Street near Restano Way, a property owner recently reported the man to police for trespassing. An arriving officer spotted 45-year-old Davin Huhtala, who the officer recognized from previous interactions.

The officer drove over to speak with Huhtala but he began yelling and threatening to kill the officer while raising a bottle like he was going to throw it at the patrol vehicle, according to police. When the officer tried to drive off, Huhtala ran towards the driver’s door. Just then, a second police unit arrived on the scene and drew Huhtala’s attention. He began sprinting towards that vehicle and threw the bottle towards it and then ran off.

An officer gave chase. Suddenly, Huhtala stopped and turned towards the pursuing officer, who then pulled out a taser and ordered him to the ground. Huhtala complied and was arrested for felony resisting and threatening an officer and placed on a $20,000 bail. Police added that when being taken to jail he continued to threaten to physically harm the officer.