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Senator Borgeas Introduces Water Storage Bill

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Sacramento, CA — Mother Lode Senator Andreas Borgeas and fellow Republican Jim Nielsen have authored a new bill to fully fund construction of the planned Sites Reservoir near Colusa and make repairs to other canals and aqueducts throughout the Central Valley.

The price tag for Senate Bill 890 would be over $3-billion.

“California’s water storage and conveyance challenges transcend partisan divides and have been exacerbated due to the recent drought,” says Senator Borgeas, who chairs the Senate Agriculture Committee. “Clean, reliable water in California is not only critical to our country’s economy and food supply, but also our national security. Without proper storage and conveyance investments, California cannot continue to lead the nation in food production.”

Borgeas says completion of the Sites Reservoir would help store an additional 1.5-million acre-feet of water.

California has extra revenue to spend this session in light of a $46-billion budget surplus.