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No Party Record

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Sacramento, CA – A record number of you have chosen not to pick a political party preference according to new California voter data.

The data released by Secretary of State Debra Bowen office today show 23.1 percent of California voters registered without a party affiliation, which is an all-time high. 17,634,876 Californians are registered to vote. The data found that, since September of 2010 to this year, the number of Democrats has gone down from 44.32% to 43.43 %, Republicans 30.94 % to 28.23 %. However, the number of American Independents has gone up from 2.35 % to 2.69 %.

The data was compiled 60 days before the upcoming November 4 General Election.  This is California Voter Registration Week. You can register to vote online by clicking here. To view the full voter registration report click here.