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Tax Rate Confusion

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Sacramento, CA – State Officials are trying to clear up any confusion for the public when it comes to tax rates in California. To do that, the State Board Of Equalization has unveiled a new map showing the varying sales tax rates across California.

“California has more than two hundred sales tax rate jurisdictions, which can be confusing for taxpayers,” says Board member George Runner. “Our new map provides a picture of these rates and should serve as a helpful visual aid for taxpayers.”

The map is part of the Board’s new tax rate lookup tool designed to allow the public to find the rate for any address in the state.  The map is part of the Board’s new tax rate lookup tool. It is designed to allow the public to find the rate for any address in the state to avoid possibly being overcharged.  The Board recommends if you think you have been charged an incorrect rate that you contact the retailer for a refund. You can also report any over charge to the Board of Equalization by calling, 1-800-400-7115.

The highest sales tax rate of 10% is the Los Angeles area.

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