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Heavy Duty Trash Wanted

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Sonora, CA – If you have an old refrigerator, couch or mattress you want to get rid of, this is your chance to do it easily. The City and Waste Management have teamed up for a one-day cleanup event. Just prove you are a Sonora resident by showing your driver’s license or a current utility bill and they will take the items off your hands.

“It’s gonna help kind of clean the city up a bit,” says Waste Management District Manager Tom Teach.  “The other thing it really helps is with the illegal dumping that goes on in the city and county where people don’t take it to the transfer stations and it ends up alongside the roads.”

The event runs from 9 am to 2 pm, tomorrow at the Sonora High School parking lot across from the pool at 430 North Washington Street.

There is a limit of one full-size (6-foot) pickup truck, four tires and green waste up to 2 feet in diameter.  There is a charge of $20 dollars for appliances with Freon removal and $5 for mattresses.  In addition, this is just for residents not commercial businesses.

Teach says this is the first time they have put on this event and if it goes well they may make it an annual one.