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Wet Roads Bring Hazards

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Rain in the Mother Lode has brought reports of minor dirt, rock and mud slides and ponding of water in some areas.

California Highway Patrol Officer Becky Meyers was Thursday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

With the first real rain of the year, the roads are also slick.

And with snow in the upper elevations of the Sierra Nevada, Myers reminds drivers to carry tire chains and a winter kit that includes a blanket, extra food, extra water and a flashlight.

During the interview, Meyers also noted that the CHP has noticed that a number of drivers continue to either not know basic rules regarding school buses or people are simply ignoring the laws.

Meyers said, “The newer buses have yellow lights and red lights. When you see the yellow lights, it is a warning that the red lights will be coming on. It works similar to a regular traffic light.”

Motorists must stop both ways when any school bus has its red lights on.

Meyers reminded everyone that if you see a traffic hazard (something blocking or partially blocking the road) or an accident, call 911. Also wear your safety belt and do not text and drive.

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