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Update: COVID-19 Testing Site Closed

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Update Aug 27: The COVID-19 state testing site located at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds is closed today, August 27 due to the current evacuation order in effect for the area. Those seeking to test can try to make appointments with local pharmacies offering testing or at other testing sites in the Mother Lode. View testing site locations at Tuolumne Public Health says, “The site should open again tomorrow, August 28, should evacuation orders lift. We will provide updates as they are available.”


Original Post Aug 26: Mariposa Public Health says “We see the effects of COVID-19 on our community, the struggles we all face daily to make decisions to best protect our loved ones, and the need for relief. Please take a moment to regroup this week, no one can pour from an empty glass.” They suggested outdoor recreation in the Mariposa area, check out’s Destination Guide and Recreation Guide for some great ideas.

Tuolumne Public Health reports 64 new cases identified since yesterday, 47 are community cases and 17 new cases were identified at the Sierra Conservation Center prison. There are 347 active community cases including 21 who are hospitalized 2 of the 6 ICU beds in the county were available yesterday. The total current case rate, a 14-day rolling average for Tuolumne County is up to 67 per 100,000 population from a previous high of 64.7 yesterday. Of the 47 new community cases 10 were vaccinated seven Moderna and three with Pfizer. Tuolumne County Public Health removed a previously reported case who was found not to be a case.

The new cases include 9 cases age 17 or under and 10 cases age 60 and older. The gender and age breakdown is; 1 girl and 5 boys age 0-11, 2 girls and 1 boy age 12-17, 8 women and 2 men age 18-29, 2 women and 4 men age 30-39, 5 women and 1 men age 40-49, 1 women and 5 men 50-59, 2 women age 60-69, 3 women and 4 man age 70 to 79, and 1 man age 80 to 89.

A total of 22,844 Tuolumne residents have been vaccinated an increase of 280 and 4,352 are partially vaccinated an increase of 306. The vaccination rate is 54% of eligible people in Tuolumne, those age 12 and older. The California department of corrections reports 27 active cases at the Sierra Conservation Center (SCC). A total of 1,561 inmate cases have been resolved, of 3,295 inmates, which includes all southern fire camps.

Calaveras County Public Health reported 21 new Covid cases since yesterday. Active cases increased to 75 from 60 active cases yesterday. There are six active Covid hospitalizations. There are 12 new cases age 0-17 and two new cases in individuals 65 years and older. Since the pandemic began Calaveras has had 344 Covid-19 positive people who are 17 and under and 516 Covid-19 positive people 65 and over.

Mariposa County Public Health reports 15 new cases since yesterday, none were 11 or younger, 4 were 12-19 and 4 are 60 or older. There are 90 active cases down from 107 yesterday and 11 individuals are hospitalized. Nine of the new cases were unvaccinated, 5 are under investigation. Mariposa County Public Health states they are currently working to provide additional COVID-19 vaccine doses for those who fall into the identified immunocompromised categories. You can learn more about who falls into this category here –…/vaccines/recommendations/immuno.html. While the announcement that boosters will likely be offered 8 months after your last dose, we still need to wait for final approval and guidance from the FDA and ACIP.

Hospital Status Stanislaus reported 11 ICU beds available of 100 total yesterday and improvement from 5 the day before, San Joaquin County reported 3 ICU beds, Sacramento had 72 ICU beds available. Individuals from Tuolumne are taken to the surrounding counties for care as needed, children from Tuolumne County may be cared for in bay area hospitals. San Francisco reported 76 ICU beds of 150 ICU beds down from 90 the previous day.

A local Health Officer Order was issued related to youth sports and extracurricular activities for Tuolumne, Calaveras, Mariposa, and Amador Counties, details are here.

Tier Color
New Cases
Total Cases COVID
Amador 8/25 162 18 2,503 44
Calaveras 8/26 75 21 2,729 61
Mariposa 8/26 90 15 769 10
Mono 8/26 65 4 1,172 5
Stanislaus 8/26 2,538 338 65,282 1,129
Tuolumne 8/26 347 64 5,569 87
For other county-level statistics view our page here.
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