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More Lightning Fires Ignited In Yosemite

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Yosemite, CA — The number of lightning fires in Yosemite National Park has grown from 16 on Tuesday to 19 being reported today and there is also one escaped campfire blaze.

From June 28th to July 2nd thunderstorms developed over the park, creating lightning that ignited a current total of 19 fires. Most are in the wilderness high country ranging from 7,000 to 9,700 feet, but some posed a threat to public safety, as reported here. One of those was the 10-acre King Fire east of Glacier Point, which was being controlled by hand crews and helicopters and is now 100% contained. The Fork Fire east of Mt. Starr King has also been contained at 12 acres.

Five fires are out. They include the Harden which was contained at 25 acres, the Pothole and Coyote at an acre each, the Ridge at 10 acres, and the Kerrick with no acreage provided. One additional fire, the North, was sparked by an escaped campfire on July 8. It has been contained at 10-acres.

Park officials relay concerns for more lightning or wildland fires as the forecast for the weekend is triple-digit temperatures and dry, with record temperatures possible and the potential for scattered thunderstorms in the high country. The park has provided an update on 16 of the fires including the escaped campfire below:

Location: South of Nevada Falls, north of Mount Starr King. 7220 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 29, 2021                                        Size: 10 acres
Containment: 100%                                                          Strategy: Suppression
Cause: Lightning

Location: West of Quartzsite Peak. 8781 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 29, 2021                                          Size: .5 acre
Containment: 0%                                                              Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

Location: North of Harden Lake, south of Hetch Hetchy. 6665 feet elevation.
Discovery Date: July 1, 2021                                            Size: .25 acre
Containment: Out 7/4/2021                                             Strategy: Suppression
Cause: Lightning

Location: Northern end of Yosemite NP, near Stubblefield and Kerrick canyons. 8000 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                    Size: .1 acre
Containment: 0%                                                           Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

Location: Northeast of Porcupine Campground, and Tioga Road. 8210 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                   Size: 1. acres
Containment: 0%                                                        Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

Location: Coyote Rocks, north of Tioga Road. 9742 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                 Size: .1 acre
Containment: Natural Out.                                     Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

Location: Northwest of Olmsted Point, Tioga Road. 9017 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                 Size: .1 acre
Containment: 0%                                                     Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

County Line
Location: Near Yosemite Creek Campground Road. 8361 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                 Size: .6 acres
Containment: 0%                                                     Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

Location: West of Lukens Lake, North of Tioga Road. 8243 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                 Size: 1.4 acre
Containment: 0%                                                     Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

Location: East of Yosemite Creek Picnic Area and east of Tioga Road. 8256 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                 Size: .25 acre
Containment: 0%                                                     Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

Half Moon
Location: West of Ten Lakes near Half Moon Meadow. 8256 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                 Size: .1 acre
Containment: 0%                                                     Strategy: Monitor
Cause: Lightning

Location: South of Glacier Point Road. 7885 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                Size: .1 acre
Containment: Out                                    Strategy: Suppressed
Cause: Lightning

Location: 1 mile southeast of Mt. Starr King. 8500 elevation.
Discovery Date: June 28, 2021                                 Size: 12 acres
Containment: 100%                                                 Strategy: Confine and Contain
Cause: Lightning

Location: South of Glacier Point Road, across from Sentinel Parking area. 8000 elevation.
Discovery Date: July 3, 2021                                   Size: .10 acre
Containment: Out 7/4/2021                                     Strategy: Confine and Contain
Cause: Lightning

Location: West slope of Mt Hoffman. 9000 elevation.
Discovery Date: July 3, 2021                                     Size: .10 acre
Containment: Natural Out.                                       Strategy: Confine and Contain
Cause: Lightning

Location: Northeast Starr King Meadow. 8700 elevation.
Discovery Date: July 6, 2021                                   Size: .25 acre
Containment: 100%                                                 Strategy: Suppression
Cause: Lightning

Location: North side of North Dome.
Discovery Date: July 8, 2021                                   Size: .10 acre
Containment: 100%                                                 Strategy: Suppression
Cause: Escaped campfire