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Vote On Abortions, Cigarettes And Guns?

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Sacramento, CA — Several new proposed ballot measures have been submitted to the California Secretary of State’s Office in anticipation of the 2014 election.

Proposals include increasing the state’s cigarette tax by two dollars, require a waiting period and parental notification for minors wanting to have an abortion, amend the state Constitution to make it easier to own a firearm, place additional restrictions on sellers of used cars, and make it more difficult for the legislature to defer payments to schools.

The Secretary of State has given the ok to the proponents of these proposals to begin collecting the needed 504,760 signatures to qualify for the ballot, which is equal to five percent of those that voted during the last Governor’s election.

-The abortion measure would prohibit abortions to be performed for minors until 48 hours after a parent/legal guardian has been notified in writing by a medical official.

-The gun measure would eliminate owner registrations for firearms and reduce restrictions on assault weapons. It would add language to the Constitution that Californians have a right to acquire, transfer and possess firearms for lawful purposes, but would still limit the use by mentally ill residents and felons.

-The vehicle sales initiative would require a dealer to repair any manufacturer recalled safety defects on used vehicles before a sale, require a minimum 30-day and 1,000 mile warranty on used vehicles, and limit financial incentives for dealers to arrange financing deals.

-The school measure would require a ¾ vote of the legislature in order to defer payments made to schools.

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