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Boating Season Safety Tips

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Calaveras, CA–Memorial Day weekend is considered the unofficial start of Summer and with warmer temperatures come more boating activity in some of the many recreation areas in the Motherlode. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s office Marine Safety division has some reminders to keep everyone safe and responsible when recreating on the water. In 2020 there was a total of 35 boating accidents on the lakes in Calaveras County, of the 35, 13 involved serious bodily injuries. Sadly 3 of those accidents involved drownings that were determined to be avoidable. The following are some tips that were shared by Marine Safety to help better enjoy water recreation.

Vessel check. Inspect the vessel to ensure is in good working order. This includes US Coast Guard approved lifejackets, fire extinguishers, throwable flotation devices, visual distress signals (orange flag), in a mechanical inspection to ensure everything is up to standard in good working order.

Alcohol Consumption.  Understand your limits regarding alcohol consumption.  With the sun, heat, and movement of the water, alcohol can affect you differently.  Be sure to stay hydrated and understand that Boating Under the Influence is the same as it is for vehicles on the roadway.

Elements. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke onset can develop quickly.   Stay cool and covered and be sure to consume water.

And additionally, everyone under the age of 40 must complete a boating safety course.